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10 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 Fast

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10 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 Fast

Who couldn’t use an additional infusion of cash? Would $1,000 make a difference in your life right now? For most of us, it would make a pretty big difference.

Whether you’re behind on your rent, still doing your holiday shopping, need to get caught up on your bills, want to pay down your credit card debt, or want to invest in yourself, $1,000 would make a good start on that. Of course, most of us don’t really have a way to generate that sort of cash immediately. The good news is that this post will highlight viable ways to generate the extra cash you need, and to do it quickly.


1. Become a VA


Do you have some free time and a good Internet connection? Want to make money by helping people get things done in their lives or their businesses? Becoming a virtual assistant might be a good option. It costs you almost nothing to get started – chances are good that you already have all the equipment needed and you’ll just need a way to market your services.

Depending on the skills you bring to the table, you can probably earn between $50 and $80 per hour as a virtual assistant, and you’ll be able to assist with tasks ranging from creating Facebook ads to scheduling social media posts to interacting with customers in reviews and comments. In 99% of cases, you don’t even have to leave the house, either. You can find VA work on


2. Walk Dogs


Do you have a few spare hours each day? Do you love dogs? Do you live in a subdivision or near one or two such neighborhoods? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then you’ll find that you can earn an extra $1,000 fast by walking dogs. Dog owners love their pets, but many are so pressed for time that they don’t have the opportunity to ensure their beloved pooches get the exercise, social interaction, and outdoor time that they really need.

You can do that for them and get paid for your efforts. Depending on the number of dogs you walk, the length of time that you walk them, and any extra services you provide, you could earn a substantial amount in this way.


3. Become a Pet Sitter


If you have some free time and you love animals, then you can go beyond dog walking. You can earn an extra $1,000 fast by pet sitting for people in the neighborhood where you live and the surrounding area. What’s more, you can pet sit in different ways. For instance, you might pet sit at the owner’s home for a few hours or even a day.

You might also decide to pet sit in your own home. This would allow you to sit for multiple pets at the same time, and for more than a single day. In most areas, pet sitters earn a median of around $50 per night per pet. So, just sitting for three pets for three nights would net you $450. It would take just another few nights (and a few more pets) to hit that $1,000-mark.



4. Cut the Cord


If you’re like most homeowners, you pay for cable (or satellite TV). Chances are good that you also bemoan the fact that despite those hundreds of channels, there never seems to be anything on worth watching. Why not cut that cost and save yourself some hassle? Thousands of people each month decide to cut the cord, and it has never been easier to do.

The availability of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime also means that you can still get some programming without spending a ton of cash, particularly if you’re able to sign up during discount programs. The average cable bill in the US runs just over $100 a month, or $1200 per year. Even adding in Netflix and Amazon Prime would allow you to save $1,000 per year. Personally, I only use Amazon Prime - it gives me access to over 18,000+ movies and I've been able to save a ton of money!


5. Find Credit Cards with Valuable Reward Programs


To be clear, credit cards are generally not the reliable financial tools that their supporting banks want you to think of them as. They’re actually sources of significant debt, and if you have read my post on things rich people do that poor people don’t do, you know that getting into debt is not the way to build financial solidity.

With that being said, you can create a wealth-building strategy that revolves around credit cards, at least if you have the right cards. To be clear, you need more than just any old credit card. You need one with a rewards program that actually offers you something of value – cash back on gas and groceries, for instance. You also need the ability to pay your balance off each month before you start being charged interest.

You can use your credit cards to earn rewards that save you money on the things that you need and use each month. Then, you pay off the balance with your regular pay before interest comes due and you’re able to essentially earn free money. It takes a surprisingly short time to make an additional $1,000 in cash this way.


6. Become a Freelancer


Whether you use them in your daily job duties or not, chances are very good that you have skills that others need or could benefit from. Maybe you know how to design websites. Perhaps you know how to code games. You could have a way with words, or maybe you’re actually an accounting whiz.

Whatever the case, you can sell those skills on the freelance market and earn a decent amount of money. While you can definitely use sites like and to make an extra $1,000 in cash, you could feasibly translate this into a brand new career with a lot of earning potential.



7. Sell Your Used Stuff


Take a look around you and what do you see? Most of us have far more stuff than we need, or even than we can feasibly use. An entire industry has grown up to help us solve the problem of what to do with extra stuff – the storage industry did not exist a few decades ago. Today, there are self-storage facilities on just about every corner. Rather than paying someone else to let you store your stuff on their property, why not let it make money for you?

There are tons of places where you can sell used stuff, from eBay to yard sales and flea markets. By selling it, you turn unused, unwanted junk into cash while simultaneously cutting out a bill for self-storage, allowing you to easily earn an extra $1,000 in cash fast.


8. Become a Consultant


If you have a lot of professional knowledge surrounding a topic, you can get paid to teach others how to do things as a consultant. The term “consultant” is pretty broad and covers a tremendous wealth of activities. Generally speaking, consultants are hired to come into a business, evaluate performance in key areas, create plans to address deficiencies and achieve core goals, and then advise on those plans.

Usually, consultants don’t handle the actual implementation themselves, although some do. You can become a consultant in almost any area in which you might have in-depth knowledge, from human resources to sales to digital information security, so leverage your knowledge and expertise, and get out there and earn some cash.


9. Sign Up for Credit Cards


Again, I want to point that credit cards can be both valuable tools and a quick route to almost inescapable debt. Use them wisely. With that caveat out of the way, let’s look at the sign up bonuses for credit cards. They range from just a few bucks to several hundred dollars as incentives to get you to sign up for them. With the right card, you can sign up, earn $500 or more, and never have to charge a thing. Just keep the card in case of emergencies and enjoy your free money!


10. Become a Delivery Driver


You don’t have to deliver pizzas to make money as a delivery driver. You can deliver almost anything, from the aforementioned ‘za to legal documents. However, you’ll find that there is good money to be made in handling business records and documents that need to be hand-delivered with urgent priority. Note that you’ll most likely need to live in a pretty urbanized area to take advantage of this, but it is worth exploring even in suburban areas.



Bonus: Get a New Bank Account


In order to attract new account holders, banks are getting away from their outmoded incentive programs, such as offering free toasters or blenders. Some banks, particularly large international ones like Chase, are now offering hundreds of dollars in incentives to sign up for a checking account. Plus, these don’t come with the same strings attached that credit cards do, so you can sign up, enjoy free money, and not have to worry about going into debt.


In the End


Let me wrap up by saying that if you’re looking for legitimate ways to earn an extra $1,000 in cash, there are tons of options. You just need to be proactive and smart about what you choose. I also recommend signing up for my 'Six Figure Sunday' course (click here to sign up), so you can learn how to build a robust six-figure income while working just one day each week. Simply click the button below.

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