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6 Myths of Day Game Debunked

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6 Myths of Day Game Debunked

When you think about finding an attractive woman, whether for a one-night hookup or for a potential long-term relationship, what’s your first thought? Chances are good that it involves going out at night.

You might immediately think about going to the club or finding a bar. You could imagine meeting someone you connected with online for a nighttime date or going out with a group of friends and finding women that way.

Those are all “tried and true” ways to find romance. They’re all part of the night game, and the night game is better than the day game, right?


There are quite a few ingredients that go into finding love. You need to know how to physically escalate with a woman once you meet her. You need to be bold and charismatic.

However, if you paid attention to my post on the Best Places to Meet Beautiful Women, many of those did not involve going out at night. Instead, they revolved around something that too many men ignore to their detriment.

The day game.

But wait, I hear you say. Isn’t the day game for losers? Nope. And if you believe that, you’ve got a lot more to learn about this entire process than you might realize. To help you evolve your game and really start to see the results you need, we’re going to dispel some of the most persistent myths out there surrounding the day game and its value to your efforts.


Myth #1: Nightlife Is the Place to Look for Romance


There’s a myth out there that says the places to go to find attractive women are clubs and bars once the sun has set. It seems to make sense, at least on a superficial level. People are out in groups. Women are dolled up. Men are dressed to kill. Everyone’s having fun. Alcohol (and other social lubricants) make conversation easier to start. You might even have some luck in this area, at least if you’re looking for nothing but sex.

Wait, I know your objection. Of course, you’re looking for sex. Isn’t that what all guys are after? Actually, it’s not. Sure, sex is important, but I know plenty of guys who get it on the regular who just aren’t happy. It’s not always about carnality, but if you spend all your time looking for love in the nightlife scene, that’s all you’re going to find.

So, here’s the key to debunking this myth. What sort of woman do you want in your life? Are you interested in someone who needs the validation of her friends and strangers to feel like she has worth? If so, go out and find yourself a clubber.

However, if you want someone with a bit more emotional stability and maturity, then I highly recommend looking elsewhere – places where your day game comes into play, like the gym, the grocery store, even the coffee shop.


Myth #2: You Need to Be Rich to Attract a Woman


This is another myth that enforces the nightlife mentality over the day game. After all, when are you more likely to go out and dress to the nines? When are you more likely to pull out your one or two high-dollar accessories – when you’re headed to the grocery store for some creamer and a head of cabbage, or when you’re on the prowl in the club?

The myth here actually strikes at the heart of some of the most damaging beliefs held by men. Here’s the thing – yes, there are women out there who care about your wealth. Yes, being wealthy can certainly help you attract women in the first place. It’s not going to help you keep “the one” though.

Women who want nothing more than wealth in a man are shallow, and you cannot forge a lasting relationship with them, not one that means anything, at any rate. I know plenty of wealthy men who meet women regularly but cannot keep them and are not happy.

My recommendation here is that you learn how to be a high-status guy, and not focus so much on material wealth. Yes, it can certainly make life easier, but there are ultimately more important things (to you and to her) than the number of zeros in your bank account.



Myth #3: You’re Only Interested in Hooking Up


You might believe that you play the night game because you’re only in this for fun. You’re not looking for a serious relationship. You just want to hook up here and there with attractive women who are in it for the same reason as you – a little bit of fun before moving on.

In the beginning, that’s fine. This position actually fits that lower level of confidence. Yes, I implied that guys who are in this only for the hookup have lower confidence, and it’s true. Once you’ve mastered the principles that I teach, you’ll up your game and your standards will rise as well.

In short, you’ll find yourself going after higher-quality women. You won’t be chasing skirts in the club. Instead, you’ll be angling for high-value, beautiful women.

And you’ll fall head over heels even though you don’t plan on it.

The human heart is treacherous. You have no control over it. Logic doesn’t work in this realm. You fall for who you fall for, when you fall for her.

This becomes a problem if your standards haven’t risen. It’s not that there’s anything “wrong” with club girls, but they are generally not emotionally mature, and they usually have lives filled with drama and heartbreak. That’s not where you want to be.


Myth #4: The Nightlife Is Where Most Women Are


Quick question – where is the highest concentration of women looking for romance? The club? A bar? Actually, the answer is neither. There are far more women using dating apps and dating websites than there are in clubs and bars across the country.

Take your view offline and you’ll find that you’re still laboring under a misconception. Visit a local park – how many women are there hiking the trails or soaking up the sun? Head to the beach – there are probably a thousand women on a popular beach soaking up the sun.

In comparison, there are probably just a couple of dozen women in the average club. So, the belief that there are more women out at night is a fallacy. You can find more women to approach at any time of the day than you’ll ever encounter at night.



Myth #5: Women in the Nightlife Are More Interested in Guys


I’m not entirely sure how this particular myth got its start, as it is demonstrably untrue. How many times have you been rebuffed by a girl in a bar or club? Do you think that rejection was because you weren’t obviously wealthy enough, or because you weren’t attractive enough?


It was because she wasn’t interested. Not just in you, but in a relationship with any guy. Most girls go to clubs and bars for reasons that have nothing to do with love, or even with lust. These include:


  • She actually just wants to have fun with her friends and hooking up with a dude doesn’t fall into that category.

  • She wants to blow off some steam from the work week, and sex doesn’t fit the bill.

  • She needs some validation from others about how she looks because her confidence is actually really low.

  • She was dragged along on a “girls’ night out” and doesn’t actually want to be there at all.


Approaching a woman who is in any of these situations will get you shut down in flames. Why? Because she’s not interested in hooking up with ANY guy. It’s not you. It’s just that she’s not in the right frame of mind. You’ll find a lot more luck approaching women during the day in regular situations than you will in the club.



Myth #6: You Can’t Use a Wingman in Your Day Game


Most men believe that they need a wingman to help them meet women, and that only works in night time scenarios. Here’s the thing – if you need a wingman with you, then you actually lack confidence. That immediately limits the results that you will see whether we’re talking about the day game or the night game.

There is also the fact that some of the most successful guys actually go out solo, and they do so during the day. They go to the park, or to the gym, or they join a run club, and they meet women without the need for a buddy tagging along to make them look good.

As you can see, while the night game certainly has value, the day game is just as important for finding an attractive, high-value woman. It’s about the total package, not just focusing on one aspect of the dating equation. If you’re still struggling attracting beautiful women and want to 'level up' in that area, I invite you to sign up for my Advanced Seduction Course - 'The T8 System' (click here). There you'll not only learn how to number close, kiss close, overcoming AA, approaching successfully, etc.. But you'll *literally* MASTER the art of seduction. So, click the button below and transform your life TODAY!

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