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How to Use Storytelling to Attract Women

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How to Use Storytelling to Attract Women

We’re not all born with an innate sense of charisma. We’re not all born alpha males, although all guys can learn how to be one. However, that doesn’t mean you’re without any attractive qualities. Women want men who are interesting, charming, and able to express their thoughts well. Conversation can be an important tool in building confidence in a woman, but it can also be the key to getting her to see the value that you bring to the table even if you’re not a charismatic alpha. The key is good storytelling.


Why Storytelling?


First, let’s dig into why you should bother with storytelling. If you’re not blessed with the gift of gab, feel uncomfortable doing more than grunting yes or no in front of her, or worry that your elocution skills just aren’t up to par, this can be a very real concern. Why step out of your comfort zone?



  • Are a huge part of what makes us human in the first place

  • Can show your sense of humor

  • Can show that you have a lot of interesting experiences

  • Can show that you’re intelligent, and in touch with your emotions

  • Can show her exactly what you stand for, and that you have a moral compass

  • Can show her who you are, and that you’re actually a great guy

  • Can create a positive image of you without the need for bragging or being overly macho


Don’t think that being able to tell interesting, engaging stories would have any result on your game? The University of North Carolina says otherwise. According to their research, storytelling even has an impact on how women perceive your status. Even science backs up this approach.

So, now that we’ve established that storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool in your dating arsenal, we need to go over some ground rules for using it.


Tell Stories about Other People


One of the most common mistakes guys make here is thinking that the stories they tell have to be about them. You’d need to be in the running for Most Interesting Man in the World for that to be true. Most guys, particularly those under the age of 50, just don’t have the real-world experience to make it possible to do nothing but tell stories about themselves.

There’s also the fact that if you never talk about anyone else, you come off as narcissistic and self-centered, which are not qualities that you want to have associated with you. While you want her to focus completely on you, you shouldn’t be focusing on only yourself. Branch out.

Tell stories about other people. Bring in friends and acquaintances, your weird uncle Roger, or your friends’ parents growing up. The important thing isn’t that the story be about you, but about the way you tell it, and the values, emotions, and outlooks that you express while telling the story.


Relate to the Conversation


It’s also important that you don’t just bust out in a story for no particular reason. Stories are great, particularly when they are told properly. However, if they seem completely random, you can bet that the woman you’re interested in is going to wonder what you’re doing.

In order to really tell stories well, the tales you spin must relate in some way to the situation at hand. They don’t have to necessarily relate to what’s going on around you, though. It could be something that someone says or does. It could be a song that comes on the radio, or it could be a destination that’s being discussed. The important thing is to make sure that your stories are always relevant and never random.



Don’t Try to Hard


Trying too hard to impress a woman makes you look needy, and that’s something you should never, ever do. Some so-called gurus will tell you that your stories always need to be true, just like some will tell you that they always need to be about you. Both of those are wrong. Your stories need to be believable – that’s the key thing. Unbelievable stories often ring false, and make it seem like you’re going to great lengths to impress her. So, what does trying too hard look like in storytelling form?


  • You’re embellishing the story to make yourself look good.

  • You’re embellishing the story to get more of a reaction out of her.

  • You’re embellishing the story to give her what you think she wants to hear.


Here’s the thing. Women can usually tell when a man is full of crap. They almost have an innate sense about BS. In a best-case scenario, you look needy, like you’re begging for her attention. In a worst-case scenario, you come off as a liar, and she kicks you to the curb. Neither is a positive outcome.


Hook Her from the Start


Stories can work from the instant you meet a woman, but you need to go about it the right way. You can’t just shake her hand, tell her your name, and then launch into a story. That’s going to get you more than a weird look. Chances are good that she’ll move on to someone who’s not quite so off-putting.

So, what’s a guy to do? You hook her with something interesting at first. The scenario might go something like this: You meet her, introduce yourself, and chit-chat a bit so you’re not going in completely cold. Then, you say something like, “Have you ever been to Spain?” If she says, “No, but I’ve always dreamed about exploring Barcelona!” or “No, but the Basque region sounds amazing!” then you can launch into a story about your recent vacation there.

Even if she has no interest in whatever destination it is that you want to discuss, you can use that to your advantage. A reply of, “No, I’m not big on Europe, really. Now, Australia – that’s a place I’d love to go!” could give you the perfect in to start a story about whatever destination she DOES want to visit. It’s already relevant, so just make sure that it’s not over the top and go for it.



Embed Important Information


Stories are entertaining. They give the girl insight into your personality, sense of humor, and more. They help you lay a foundation that you can build on down the road. They can also be used to provide information that you want her to know without having to come right out and give her a biography.

What sort of information should you embed in your story? Well, that will depend on a couple of factors. Obviously, if she already knows you, then you’ll want to embed less information, but if you’re just getting to know her, you may want to give her a lot of data. Some of what you might want to embed in your story includes:


  • Your relationship status (single, of course)

  • A positive characteristic of yours (sense of humor, sense of adventure, etc.)

  • Your career/place of work/income

  • Your education


You get the idea. These are all tidbits that are important for her to know, particularly if you’re going to move forward with a relationship. They’re things that should make you more attractive to her in a number of ways – income tells her you can take care of her – education tells her you’re smart and dedicated to pursuing goals – a sense of humor means you’ll keep her laughing.

The trick is to give her all this information without coming right out and saying, “My name is Bob, I’m an accountant, and I like to watch my Voltron DVD on Friday nights in my mom’s basement.”


Get Her Involved


There’s a misperception that storytelling is a one-way street. It’s really not all about you, the storyteller. The secret to any great storyteller is that they are able to involve the audience. You need to get her involved in the story, too. This turns your story from a potentially devastating monologue into a two-way conversation.

How do you get her involved, though? You can ask questions – the one about going to Spain is an example, but you can think of dozens of others that speak directly to your situation. The questions should relate directly to the story, though. Don’t ask her about her grandmother’s health during a story about the latest sci-fi movie you watched. Going back to the Spain trip, you can ask her if she likes tapas, or if she likes seafood, or if she likes medieval architecture. You get the point. Bring her into the conversation and you’ll do a whole lot better.

There you have them – a few important tips to help you utilize the power of storytelling. It can be a powerful tool, whether you’ve just met a woman, or you’re trying to bring your relationship to another level. Also, if you want to learn more about being a charismatic, successful man who can get any woman he wants, I invite you to sign up for my Advanced Seduction Program - The T8 System (click here). There, you'll learn all the skills required to attract a woman you just met on the street all the way to escalating sexually and sleeping with her. So to join the program and transform your life today, simply click the button below. Additionally, you can read more about how to pleasure her sexually (by clicking here).

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