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How to Turn a Girl on Sexually

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How to Turn a Girl on Sexually

It takes very little to get a guy’s brain in gear sexually. Often, a single look from a woman is more than ample stimulation. We tend to think that it works the same way for women, too, but that’s not really the case, unless she’s already turned on and on the prowl for a one-night stand. For most women, it takes more than an unwavering stare to get her breathing faster, and too many men lack an understanding of what it really takes to turn on their partner. In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the most important tips necessary to take her from cold-start to completely satisfied.


It Takes Time


First, before we discuss any other tips, understand that in 99% of situations, turning on your girl is going to take time. Women don’t go from 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds like guys do. So, if you’re expecting to walk up to a woman you’ve just met, brush your hand across her arm and then immediately lead her off to the bedroom, you’re in for a world of disappointment. It takes effort and time to turn a woman on, but it’s well worth that investment in the end.


Work on Yourself


In order to turn on a woman, you need to make sure you’ve laid the right foundation first. It doesn’t matter how smooth you are, or how cool your friends think you are, if you haven’t worked on yourself to the right degree, you’re going to stumble and fail. What do you need to work on? There are a few important things that all women want to see in a guy, including:



So, you need to work on yourself before you even think about approaching a beautiful woman. Make sure that there’s something for her to be turned on about – a macho attitude and months spent working out are not usually enough. Women expect more than a two-dimensional idea of a man. They want the real thing.

Once you have done a bit of self-remodeling, it’s time to dig a bit deeper. You might find some of the following tips surprising, but they work, I promise.


Hold Her Hand


Sure, it seems old-fashioned, even cliché, but there’s a lot to be said for holding her hand. Did you know that there are more than 40,000 nerves in the hand alone? That’s a lot of potential stimulation, and stimulation is precisely what you need to get things started. So, take her hand while you’re walking across the street, or when you’re leading her away from the bar toward a quieter corner where you two can talk.



Speak Slowly and Pause


Voice is a huge turn on. You don’t necessarily need to have an Australian accent, or a Southern drawl to get her engine revving, either. You just need to slow things down. Speak a bit more slowly than you usually do – purposefully, even. Pause between words, or even before you respond to something that she said. Pausing builds tension in her, as well as anticipation. She’s thinking about what you’re going to say before you say it. Just don’t get carried away. There’s pausing for dramatic effect, and then there’s trying to be William Shatner.


Pull Her Closer


Whether you’re standing outside an ice cream shop, are about to enter the movies, or you’re getting away from the noise and hubbub at the bar, pull her a bit closer to escalate sexual tension. I don’t mean that you need to grab her in a bear hug. Just get her a little bit closer to your body. It helps if you smell nice (but don’t overdo it – a little cologne or body spray goes a LONG way).


Find the Right Scent


This one might be hard to do in a club, but it’s pretty simple in other situations. Find the right scent to turn her on. I don’t mean your cologne, either. You should smell like you. No, what I mean is that different food-related scents have an impact on a woman’s libido.

According to research conducted at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, women respond very well to two particular smells – fresh cucumber and licorice (just not in combination – ugh). It seems that these two aromas are somehow able to stimulate greater blood flow to the vagina, which is critical for getting her to experience that rush of sexual arousal.



Dig into Her Fantasy Life


Guys are pretty predictable. Most of us like beer, and we all have some sort of sexual fantasy. Women do, too, although most will not tell you about those fantasies directly even if you’ve been together for some time. Communication is the key to getting her to open up about what she wants to try in the bedroom that she’s always been afraid to tell you (or her other lovers).

Talk to her about it. Try out some porn, or read a couple of erotic stories together. You could also just flat out ask her. There are few better ways to really get her in the mood than to show her you value what she wants. Plus, there’s that element of the “forbidden” about most fantasies that lends even greater excitement to exploring them.


Workout and Then Shower Together


Working out is a critical consideration for both genders even outside of making yourself attractive and fit. It’s vital to your health. It can also be important to turning on your significant other. Working out stimulates blood flow throughout the entire body, priming nerves everywhere. Getting active helps to improve sensitivity, and a single sexual thought has a much greater impact on her libido at this time.

The best way to take advantage of all that extra sensitivity? Grab a shower together after your sweat-inducing workout. She’ll be more comfortable getting up close and personal if you’re both not sticky and smelly, but it’s a great time to explore just how sensitive the body is with all that extra exertion.


Grab a Rom-Com


For your next movie night, think about getting a rom-com or another romantic movie. According to researchers, most women tend to have sexual motivation that ties into relationships rather than movie scenes that are overtly sexual. What does that mean? It means that your girl is more likely to be aroused by watching a couple on a movie go about their regular lives than seeing scenes of them getting hot and heavy. Sure, porn can be a good thing for getting her in the mood at times, but it’s a bit heavy-handed and shouldn’t be used all the time. Instead, go with a romantic flick and see how much more receptive she is to your advances.


End the Kiss First


Whether you’ve heightened a woman’s arousal to the point that she lets you kiss her for the first time, or you’re already involved with her, there’s a lot to be said for ending a kiss first. You might think that getting that kiss in the first place means that she’s turned on and ready to go, and you’re partially right. She’s turned on, but might not be quite ready to jump into the sack. You need to build a little more anticipation. So, while you’re deep in that heady kiss, pull back before she’s quite ready for the kiss to end. It leaves her wanting more, and that notion of “want” starts to extend to things other than just the kiss. Pull away. Back off. Let her chase you a little bit, and then finish the kiss.



Get Beyond the Usual Points of Interest


Most guys have a pretty well-established pattern when it comes to kissing and touching. Surprisingly, that same pattern applies to just about all guys. You need to break out of that mold if you really want to get her heart racing. So, sure, kiss her lips, but don’t forget about other areas, like:


  • The sides of her neck

  • The back of her neck

  • Her jawline

  • Her chest

  • Her stomach

  • Her back

  • Behind her knees


The point is this – you need to kiss and touch her in ways that few, or even no, other guys have if you really want to excite her and make it a memorable experience. And, guys in relationships take note. This applies to you, too. If you let things in the bedroom become routine, you can expect her to get turned on less and less. Take the initiative to spice things up a bit. That doesn’t mean breaking out the whips and handcuffs, but it does mean that you need to do more than just the bare minimum.


In Conclusion


When it’s all said and done, turning a woman on does take a little more time than with a guy. It requires that you put forth a modicum of effort, and that you think outside the box a bit. However, if you’re really able to get her libido roaring, it’s well worth the effort.

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