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5 Steps on how to get a girlfriend

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5 Steps on how to get a girlfriend


Ever wondered how to get a girlfriend? Well, the first time I wanted a girlfriend I thought I had rocks in my head.

"Are you serious? A girlfriend? Did I have to find a girlfriend to get laid?"


What about the all-powerful casual hookup?


I did a lot of research in various sources on and found that a lot of guys feel pressured by society especially when they haven't been laid for a very long time. Also, maybe one night stands aren't as accepted as they once were.


"Even with all that baggage, I realised I actually did want a steady girlfriend.."

I wanted a girl to watch movies with me and to play games online with me and a girl that would wanna party with me. It does sound a bit bizarre but guys really are attracted to the thought of having a cool chick as their squeeze. It's not weird at all. If you want a girlfriend then its much more involved than just getting a girls number and sending her some texts. It takes commitment.. Real commitment. Its not as easy as just swiping left for "No" or right for "Yes" on an online app.

Let me tell you something. Something you probably already know.. Those 'premium girls' you're searching for, don't really use those apps. They are hot. They can get any guy they lay their eyes on. For girlfriend material, forget about those dating apps and when you do find the one you want, you want her to be attracted to you. So, in this blog post I'm going to give you 5 steps on how to get a girlfriend easy and fast! 

Step 1:  Know where to look.

Lets face it, most guys trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend will go to the dating app as an option but that's the easy road. Just because it seems easy on those apps. It usually isn't especially when you're looking for a girlfriend on apps such as: Tinder, Blendr or POF. You just need to know what you're getting yourself into with those apps that's all. Sure, you'll probably go on a few dates with those girls but they probably won't become your girlfriend as you're looking in the wrong place. 

For many girls, these apps aren't necessary.

Why the hell would a hot girl be on one of those apps anyway?  It'd be a waste of time for her. Total waste of her time. Those hot girls you always see out on the street in public at parks, beaches, supermarkets, movie cinemas etc..

They are rarely hit on by guys...

Ok, they do get hit on but most of the time those types of guys that do hit on them, girls aren't really interested in them.  But these undesirables get the girl as they aren't intimidated by this hot chick in front of them... They are confident in that respect. So the balls in your court if you want to try to pick them up yourself, you just need to make sure you have game. Don't come on too strong. Be yourself but don't come across as desperate or needy.

Be Cool.

Don't act like a dick and use "Yo" in your conversation.. Save that for your bros..

"So realize that each place you use to find a girlfriend - whether it's a bar, club, online, singles event, library, shopping mall, wherever - Those places are a reflection of the people that are there in some way"

Step 2: Hook her fast.

Honestly, players or 'pick up artists' do really well in this department.

"There are a lot of legit "pick up artist techniques" and I incorporate them in my T8 course because.. They work.

The difference between you and the players or pick up artists is the intent that they have is usually just to get the woman into their bed by manipulating her.. Which is not the right way. If you want her to be your girlfriend and it develops into a relationship after you sleep with her, then more power to you.. But you can take any technique and make it ethical.

The way i think of it is - If you're a good person or if you've got a good heart then you should be able to get any woman you want. What would you rather? Her be with you - a nice guy that will treat her with respect, you'll have a lot of fun with her and you'll value her company and time OR would you rather let her go and end up with a 'bad boy' that will treat her like shit and that'll eventually hurt her by cheating on her?

Which is better for her?

"You have to be able to hook her fast, to make sure she doesn't fall in with one of these 'bad boys'. It's the right thing to do"

I could go on and on about this but the best thing for you is experience. Go and approach as many women as possible until you find your girlfriend.

3 Steps to hook her:

1. Get Her attention

If she doesn't know you exist then you're wasting your time. Don't be afraid. You must let her know you're around and that you want to talk to her. You could say something like this to break the ice. "Hey I'm a bit stuck on something. The thing is I'd like a woman's opinion on this (whatever)."

Hey.. Even sincere kind compliments work a treat as well such as:  "I noticed the energy of the room lifted as soon as you entered the room." 

Again you need to let her know that you exist. If you want a girlfriend you cant be afraid. 

2. Make her smile

You don't have to make her wet herself laughing as if you're a comedian or something. You just need to get her smiling. Being a comedian can be too much actually. You just need to let her know you like to have fun and that you're not too serious.

"In fact - the key to it all is being FUN"

Use upbeat fun conversation but don't come across as goofy.

Have you ever been talking to a girl and she genuinely giggles? Yes well, this is a very good sign. It tells you that she's starting to feel comfortable around you and you can't build sexual tension without building comfort first.

3. Demonstrate value

She does need to see that you value yourself highly. Be confident always. Just the action of talking to her shows confidence and it also shows that you value yourself.

"Only men of high status will do what you're doing"

What's next to win a girlfriend? Step 3: Get the connection.

There's 2 parts to this..

You have to create that connection between you and her. You need to show her that you're genuine enough. Now that's the first part.

One really important thing if you want a girlfriend is to get her phone number or add her on your social media as a new friend. Just some contact so you can connect with each other in a few days or in a few hours. If you've managed to keep the conversation flowing up to this point it wont be hard to get her phone number. Here's a simple way to get her phone number:

"Hey, you know we might want to connect later. I think I might like talking to you again. Give me your number and we'll see what happens."   

Most guys never call or rarely they do after getting a girls phone number so by saying this it keeps them guessing.  Which again shows you hold high value of yourself. By saying it like this you'll be giving her hope that you'll most likely call her which is what she wants but of course girls wont ever tell you this. This is of course called playing hard to get.

So by saying this, the girl can see that you may not be convinced straight away that you should meet again soon. Use indifference. Using indifference makes you even more desirable as they're used to guys always chasing them not the other way around. Women like a challenge. So play hard to get like they do with men.

Step 4: Get the date.

A majority of guys want to set up a date right away even sometimes on that same day, but other guys take the more natural approach and go with the flow. 

So.. You've had a short 10-15 minute conversation and you have her phone number.. Now comes the fun part.. Now you get started on some flirting with your phone texts. Make a phone call or 2 if you can. This will make the connection so much stronger and it will show you're really interested in her. Now you have her phone number, you've texted her a bit, you've called her a bit.. Next, you need to think of a reason why she'll meet up with you.. Yes for your first date.

"Don't wait too long, because every day after you met her she's basically slowly forgetting about you. You have to stay relevant" 

Again show her you're into her. Invite her to an event or to a movie or out for a coffee. 

A good thing to say to a girl is:  

"Hey if you don't meet me for a drink tomorrow night, survey says you'll probably forget about me. My ego just cant handle that kind of trauma, so lets get together" 

Remember what I said? You must get her out on a date with you as soon as possible to stay relevant.  

Step 5: Get the next date.

So you've had your first date. Congratulations. Pat yourself on the back. That was simple. The hard date will be the second one. After the first date you need to show the true intention that you'd love to see her again and you must be genuine when you say things to her. By saying you enjoyed yourself and you'd like to meet with her again, this shows that you're attracted to her. This will create anticipation that there will be several potential dates to follow with you. If you get to date 3 you have such a good chance of her becoming your girlfriend and very likely to be in her bed very soon.

So, in conclusion there are 5 steps on how to get a girlfriend. Simply just follow these steps to the latter as they are proven steps that actually work. You'll be getting chicks that other guys only dream about. 

On top of these 5 steps on how to get a girlfriend, you'll also need that solid alpha male personality that women look for in a man - and that takes a substantial amount of social skills to cultivate this inner temperament.

That's why I've created a foolproof course called the T8 System that will help you develop and grow to become that attractive man you've always wanted to be. This is the real stuff that goes beyond the surface, like having a ton of money or good looks.


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