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How to Dress to Impress Women

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How to Dress to Impress Women

Yeah, we know – it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Also, you’re a guy. That means you don't follow fashion mavens or industry trends. There’s a problem with this, though. It usually means that you look like a slob, and no self-respecting woman is going to want to be seen on your arm.

If you really want to clinch the deal, you need to look the part. That means you need to learn how to dress to impress. Not sure how to do that? Not to worry, my fashion-fearing friend. We’ll introduce you to some of the most important considerations to make when creating your dating wardrobe so that you look suave, chic, strong and independent, never needy.


Why Does Your Attire Matter?


Before we delve into those wardrobe tips we mentioned, let’s explore the idea of why how you dress matters in the first place. Do women really want fops or dandies? Do they really care all that much about the labels you’re wearing? Doesn’t wearing designer clothing mean that you’re not a real man – that you’re unable to make your own decisions about what’s stylish and what’s not?

Actually, there are quite a few reasons why the clothes you wear matter.

First Impressions: When it comes to whether or not a woman will give you the time of day, first impressions count. If you look like a vagrant, she’s going to reach for her can of pepper spray, not give you her cell phone number. If you want to wow her, it starts with what you’re wearing.

You Care About Yourself: Women want a man who cares about himself and about how he looks. How you dress is an indication about your level of self-esteem and your commitment to physical health, as well. There’s a correlation between dressing well and being healthy, both mentally and physically.

It Shows Confidence: Dressing well shows women that you are confident in yourself. You are self-assured, strong and independent, and they find these attractive qualities. It shows that you have a good sense of self-worth, and it does all this without the need for any machismo or chest thumping.

It Shows You Take Her Seriously: Whether you’re dressing for a date with a specific woman, or you’re going out on the town and hoping to meet someone, dressing correctly shows that you take her seriously. You took the time to get dressed, to groom yourself, and to look your best. It shows commitment on your part.

So, now that we’ve laid the groundwork and shown you why you need to dress to impress, let’s get into the how of it all. If you’re not particularly fashion conscious, don’t worry. The tips we’ll cover can be used by fashionistas and novices alike.


Lay the Foundation


No outfit is going to work if you don’t lay the foundation first. You need to shower, and probably shave, too. The only exception to the shaving rule is if you’re going for the rugged, outdoorsy-look, or you’re trying to pull off a bad-boy look. As a rule, most regular joes can’t pull off either of those particularly well, so unless you actually have a full beard, shave that face.

You’ll need to make sure to trim your nails, and actually brush your hair, as well. If you look like a slob, no woman of quality is going to give you the time of day. Choose a decent, but not overwhelming cologne. If you use body spray, understand that a little goes a long way. If they can smell you coming from a mile off, you’re doing it wrong. Put the spray can down and back away slowly.

Finally, make sure that your clothing isn’t wrinkled. That’s a sure sign that, no matter how quality your clothes might be, you’re a novice. Iron those clothes first. Oh, and make sure you’re wearing matching socks, too.



Ditch the Suit


Unless you’re going to a black-tie-only restaurant on your night out, ditch the suit. They’re so 19th century. Wearing a suit might be fine for the office, but you want to show a woman that you’re not an uptight businessman – you’re relaxed and able to have fun. A relaxed, confident, attractive man is incredibly appealing to women.


Mix It Up


Just because I recommended that you ditch the suit doesn’t mean that you can’t use elements of the suit in your ensemble. Mix things up. A sport coat with a t-shirt and pair of decent jeans is a great casual look. You can also go with a suit coat and slacks, combined with a button up shirt but no tie if you want something a bit more formal but not black-tie-affair formal. Don’t be afraid to combine different clothing components and see how they look.


Go with the Classics


If you are at a complete loss, this outfit will save you time, hassle, and sanity. What you need is probably already in your wardrobe. Pull out a decent button up shirt, and a pair of khaki pants. When it comes to footwear, you have a couple of choices. You can go with dress or casual shoes along with dress socks if you want to go completely classic.

Or, if you want to throw in a youthful, fun vibe, go with a pair of retro sneakers. Nothing says stylish quite the way a pair of Converse All-Stars paired with classic clothing. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved button up with those sneaks, unbutton the cuffs and roll ‘em up. A pair of suspenders would not go amiss here, either.



Quality Counts


Let me be clear here. You do not need to spend a fortune on clothing just to get a woman. At some point, you do see diminishing returns – you’re shelling out money hand over fist for no more results than you could have gotten by spending a lot less. Now that we’ve gotten that caveat out of the way, understand that you’re not going to be wowing anyone in those jeans you got from Walmart, or your Target discount printed T-shirt. Quality counts.

Yes, it means paying a little more, but the difference is visible a mile away. The cut of the clothing, the quality of the fabric, go a long way toward creating the right first impression with a woman. So, ditch the discount clothing, unless you’re shopping at Goodwill for a retro blazer to pair with your All-Stars.


Fit the Venue


You should wear clothing that makes you feel strong and confident. However, you need to ensure that your ensemble fits the venue. If you’re planning a romantic walk in the moonlight through a grassy field, then slacks and dress shoes are probably poorly suited. If you’re headed out to a honkytonk, then your bow tie might be best left at home.


Know What She Finds Attractive


All women have preferences when it comes to the clothing guys wear. Your special someone is no different. She might prefer form-fitting attire, like a Navy uniform. She could be stuck in the 90s and relish the look of ripped jeans and flannel. She could be into piercings and combat boots, or she might want her man to dress to the nines to show off his wealth and high status. Whatever the case, take at least a few cues from her preferences. You don’t need to remake yourself in an attempt to be her perfect guy, though. If things are that far out of kilter, then you’re probably chasing the wrong woman to begin with.



Check Out Instagram


Are you completely out of the loop when it comes to how you’ll dress or what’s in style at the moment? There are plenty of resources out there. Instagram is one of the best – check out some of the trending style-related hashtags and associated photos to get ideas about clothing styles, how to mix things up, and what might work well for you.


Avoid the Running Shoes


If running shoes are your daily wear for out and about fun, omit them for your date night. While you can add style or be ironic with certain types of sneakers, that doesn’t really cover athletic shoes. They might be great while you’re pounding the pavement, but choose a nice, casual leather shoe when you’re hitting the dance floor or taking that special lady out for dinner.


In the End


Ultimately, you don’t need to be a fashion mogul to dress well. With a bit of research, and paying a little attention to what’s hot and what’s not, as well as what your lady friend prefers, you can dress to impress.

Of course, your wardrobe might not the be real issue here. It could be a lack of charisma, self-confidence, or skill with the ladies. If that’s the case, I invite you to sign up for my Advanced Seduction Program, 'The T8 System' (click here). There, you will learn exactly how to attract and seduce beautiful women while transforming your entire life in the process. Simply click the button below to join.

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