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How to Become an Alpha Male: The 7 Principles

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How to Become an Alpha Male: The 7 Principles

Being the alpha male means respect. It means leadership and recognition. It means being in control of your own life, and being able to take action when it’s needed with confidence. The alpha male is the pinnacle of manhood – it’s what we all strive to reach, and yet so few of us actually attain it.

Why is that? Is it because we make missteps that make us look needy in front of others? Is it because we’re not able to be a high-status man? Perhaps, but it’s really more because we just don’t know how to reach that state. In this post, we’ll break things down into simple, effective steps to illustrate the process.


1. Understand What an Alpha Man Really Is Not


One of the most frequent missteps we make as guys is misunderstanding what it means to be an alpha male. There’s actually a lot of confusion out there amongst men about this, but it’s easy to see how it got its start. Loud, obnoxious, jerk-like behavior has a way of getting you what you want in many situations. Guys seem to think that acting like that means you’re the alpha. After all, isn’t getting what you want what it’s all about?

Actually, no, it’s not.

Let’s put this simply. If you’re acting like a jerk, you’re just a jerk. You’re not an alpha. Alphas don’t need to resort to douche-baggery to get respect or to making fun of others to hide their own insecurities. An alpha male doesn’t need to hide his weaknesses for fear that someone will exploit them. He turns the paradigm on his head and transforms those weaknesses into strengths. That, of course, requires that he knows himself and is honest enough with himself to admit where his shortcomings lie so that he can work on them and improve himself.



2. Follow Your Own Path


What comes to mind when you think of men like John F. Kennedy, or General Douglas MacArthur? Greatness? Sure. What about when you toss Bill Gates into the pot? Or when you think about Richard Branson? Money? Power? Influence? Control? All of those things, yes.

However, if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll discover something else that all of these men have in common. They were unafraid to walk their own paths. They did not follow the crowd – the crowd followed them. That doesn’t mean they were or are mere “trendsetters”. There’s so much more to it.

The alpha male simply doesn’t care about the trends that others doggedly follow, or the agenda of others. He has his own goals, and he pursues those. He follows HIS passions and interests, not those of others. Simply put, an alpha male follows a path in life of his own choosing, and he doesn’t compromise when it comes to his passions, although he always ensures he has the internal strength to do his own thing while also benefiting others. It’s about leadership and self-confidence, strength of character and drive.


3. Recognize That Being an Alpha Male Is All about Choice


Let’s debunk a particularly persistent myth here – there is no such thing as a pure alpha male, nor is there such a thing as a pure beta male. It’s not that way in the natural world, nor is it that way in human society. Those men who manage to go on to become real alphas do so because of one thing, and one thing only:

They actively choose to be alphas, every single day.

You don’t wake up one day and boom you’re an alpha. You don’t turn around and suddenly see someone new in the mirror. That’s not how this works. Alpha males are mere men who choose to pursue what their hearts and souls truly year for every second of every day. They are uncompromising in their drive to go against the flow. An alpha male is simply another guy, but one who chooses not to be a beta male.

It’s the choice that makes the difference, and that choice must be made every single day of your life. Do you give in to the temptation to simply go with the flow and let what will happen, happen? Or, do you fight for every opportunity to realize your dreams and goals?




4. Realize that Alphas Experience Failure, Too


When you think of alpha males, do you think of failure? Probably not. Alphas are all about strength and confidence and achievement, right? Well, sort of.

Alphas fail as much, or even more than the average guy. That’s because they’re not afraid to get out there and try new things in their pursuit of victory. They’re unafraid to push the boundaries, to pursue what they really want out of life. They’re not afraid to try and fail.

Most of us are terrified of failure. What if they laugh at us? What if it costs us our life savings? What if, what if, what if…that sad little refrain haunts our thoughts. Alphas hear that tune just like the rest of us, but they choose to ignore it and push on. They’re not afraid of failure because they realize that the real sign of greatness is not being successful over and over again, but being able to get up and keep going after something goes wrong.

An alpha man pushes on when others falter and fall by the wayside. Think of Teddy Roosevelt – he experienced more in his lifetime than most of us would if we lived three lifetimes. Why? Because he was not afraid to fail, learn the lesson, and get back up to try again.


5. Understand That Alpha Males Don’t Pin Their Success on Others


Here’s another myth that needs to be debunked – alpha males don’t need other people. Not only is that a myth, but it’s a harmful, corrosive lie. Humans are social creatures. We need other people in our lives, or we slowly dwindle and die. That’s why isolation is such a horrible punishment in prison. Like all other human beings, alpha males need strong relationships with other people in their lives.

However, there is a kernel of truth to this particular myth. While alphas absolutely do need other people in order to live with joy, they do not rely on others for their success. Take a look at an alpha male, and you’ll see someone who doesn’t need help to make ends meet, or to care for his family. He’s not taking handouts – he’s making them out of inner strength and compassion. He’s not relying on someone else to prepare his meals – he’s cooking them himself because he cares.

An alpha man is confident because he is self-reliant in his skills, knowledge, and ability to learn, change and adapt to fit the situation at hand.


6. Recognize That Alpha Males Do Not Take What They Want


When you picture being an alpha, do you imagine walking into a room and simply taking what you want – women, money, power? If so, then you’re dreaming about something completely different. Alpha males have the confidence to pursue what they want, often doggedly, such as in the case of careers or life achievements.

However, he intrinsically knows that “taking what he wants” is inherently wrong, particularly when it involves other people, or what belongs to other people. There are so many so-called gurus out there today teaching men that in order to be an alpha male you should “know what you want and take it”.

That’s BS.

Sure, shoot for your goals. Pursue your dreams and your passions with all the vigor you can. However, realize that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and often, “taking” falls onto the side of wrong.



7. An Alpha Man Masters Body Language


Humans communicate in so many different ways that transcend mere spoken language. Body language is perhaps the most powerful communication tool we possess. It can speak volumes about you and your abilities without you having to utter a single word. An alpha male realizes this, and then masters his body so that it communicates only what he wants it to.

A bowed head, hunched shoulders, bent neck, shuffling gait – these are signs that you’re not an alpha. They’re body language signals that you’re unconfident, or that you’re uncomfortable. An alpha male is always confident and comfortable, and so meets the world with his shoulders thrown back and his head held high. Open body language tells the world that you’re strong, and a bold smile tells everyone that you’re happy. A straight back speaks of inner strength, and uncrossed arms show openness and self-confidence.

Master confident, open body language, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a true alpha male.


In the End


Ultimately, being an alpha male is more about choosing to be one every day than it is suddenly waking up to find that all your insecurities and worries have evaporated overnight. Alphas have many of the same worries and stressors as the rest of humanity. They simply choose to fight past them, to pursue what they want, and to succeed. Ready to learn more about how to become an alpha and succeed in love and every other aspect of life? Check out my Advanced Seduction Course 'The T8 System (click here)' – it’s the perfect solution to building a more confident, successful life.

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