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How to Be Successful: The 11 Steps To Success

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How to Be Successful: The 11 Steps To Success

Are you as successful as you want to be? If you are reading this article, the answer is no, you’re not. However, you are taking the important first step that you need in order to remedy this problem. You are looking for ways that you can become more successful in your life, and this is a great place to start learning. So, let’s get into some of the most important tips that you will want to know when you are trying to achieve true success in your life.


Stop Looking for the Easy Way to Success


One of the biggest things that is stopping people from achieving true success if laziness. Too many people are looking for the easy way to get everything in life. It is a fast food, Internet age mentality, but people believe that they should see results the minute they try something. This is true whether they are working out, writing a book, learning a new language, or anything else in life. They want it fast and they want it easy.

Unfortunately for them, that’s not the way that the real world works. There are no magic pills and cures that are going to make everything all right and turn you into an overnight success. No matter the area where you want to succeed, you need to be willing to work hard to get there. If you aren’t, then you are not going to be successful. There are no two ways around it. Although, speaking about pills I would highly recommend you to take the THINQ Smart Nootropic Dietary Supplement. Taking this supplement will boost your memory, focus and cognition to allow your brain to function at it's highest possible level. I've been taking this for the past 9 months now and have seen a significant improvement in my overall brain health.


Commitment Is More Important than Motivation


Many people stumble over this tip, as well. They feel that they need to wait for motivation to strike before they can get to work. They believe that motivation, or the muse, or whatever they want to call it is going to magically help them through their problems. That is not true, though. While motivation is great, you will find that being committed to achieving success is far more important.

When you are committed, it is going to be you who is out there and taking action. You are going to be pushing so you can reach your goals every single day, not just when the motivation strikes. It is through that commitment and dedication that you will find the success you want. Struggling to find motivation? Check out The Motivation Switch. It'll show you how to get motivated and it's free on Kindle!


Continually Seek Knowledge


While you may have certain areas of specialties and expertise, that does not mean that you should ever stop learning… no matter how much you know. There is always more to learn, and that should excite you. There is more to learn in whatever chosen niche you might have, as well as worlds of information outside of the niche. Continually read, learn a new language, learn archery, learn to work with your hands… always be on the lookout for more knowledge that you can amass. You never know when it could come in handy, and even if it doesn’t, it will serve to enrich your life. If you don't don't what kind of books you should be reading, just check out my recommend books.



Remove Negative Thoughts


One of the fastest ways to derail yourself on your road to success is by allowing negative thoughts to start creeping into your mind. These types of thoughts are going to distract you from achieving your goals. They are going to make you believe that you are not worthy of success. The voices lie, but they can seem very convincing. It is important that you find ways to squash those negative voices and replace them with positive ones.

When you think positively, you will find that having some setbacks is not going to affect you as much as if you let the feelings of negativity overwhelm you.


Remove Distractions


This is a tip that is often overlooked on purpose by those who want success but who never seem to achieve it. That’s because many people like the distractions in their life because those distractions can be fun. Whether it is spending an hour surfing the Internet and looking at social media posts or cat pictures, or it is watching television shows that you don’t really like, there are ways that you could be spending your time better.

Use the GOALDRVN Planner and take some time to calculate how many hours you are wasting over the course of a day, or a week. Once you add up all of that time, it can be quite sobering. Imagine if you took that time and then reinvested it into yourself. Think of how much more you would be able to accomplish if you had fewer distractions vying for your attention all of the time.

Please keep in mind that distractions do not mean your family and friends. You still need to make time for those you care for and who care about you. In fact, you need to have at least some downtime, as we will discuss in a later tip.


Have a Plan


Winging it is not really a good idea. It might be fun to be spontaneous in some areas of your life, but when it comes to your career, your health, and your overall success, you are going to want to have a plan in place. The plan should consider what you want to accomplish, so you can create a set of goals that are attainable and that you can reach. You should also make sure that you are able to adapt and change the plan if needed. Having a plan that still has some flexibility ensures that you do not feel as if you are too locked in place.



Do Not Fear Failure


One of the reasons that people do not push forward and do not take any risks is because they are afraid they are going to fail. They do not stop to think about how great it is going to be when they succeed. They are only worried about failing. They don’t want to be considered a failure so they never take any risks. They listen to people in their life that tell them not to do something because it might fail. These types of people are never going to achieve a high level of success.

What you want to do is move ahead boldly with your plan. Pay attention to the successes and the failures along the way and learn from both of them. Learn how to replicate those successes and how to avoid the failures.


Rely on Yourself, Not Others


When it comes to your personal success in life, you can’t rely on anyone else to make you successful. This is something that you are going to need to do on your own. You can’t have your personal trainer do a workout for you, after all. You have to put in the blood, sweat, and the tears. You are ultimately reasonable for your own success or failure, so own it.



Love What You Do


There is a saying that if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life. There is some truth to that. It means that if you enjoy the field or niche that you are in and you are having a good time, putting in the hard work to become a success is not going to seem like such a chore. Ultimately, what you love to do should be living your best life and being as successful as possible.


Believe You Can Succeed


It is essential that you believe in yourself if you hope to find success in your life. Keep in mind that mere belief in yourself is not enough to bring you success, but it is a key ingredient. You have to know in your mind and your heart that you can succeed. You cannot think of yourself as an underdog. You need to be sure that you are your own biggest cheerleader. Belief and conviction, when combined with a solid plan and action, will help to take you far.



Don’t Burn Out


On the road to success, burning out is a very real danger. When you are putting in the time and the energy to become more successful in all of the different aspects of your life, it can be overwhelming. You can sometimes feel as though you don’t have a minute to rest, or that any minute you are resting should be spent working.

Success is not about working yourself to exhaustion. It is about working hard, but also about working smart. You need to make sure that you have some downtime where you can unwind and enjoy life. After all, that ability to have time to yourself and to relax is one of the major reasons why so many people want success in the first place.

These tips are a good starting point for those who want to have more success in their life both personally and professionally. Isn’t it time that you achieved the success that you know is possible for your life? If you want to make a positive change in your life, consider my NEW course I just launched - 'The Six Figure Sunday' (click here). This is where you will learn how you can make six figures while working only *one* day out of the week.

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