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Get Girls Chasing You: Learning How to Bait the Hook

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Starting the Chase: Learning How to Bait the Hook

There’s a misconception out there that guys need to chase women. We run after them, hoping for a few minutes of their time, even a second glance. We compete with one another for their attention. It doesn’t need to be that way. In fact, you can shift the power dynamic and get her to chase you. The secret is learning how to bait the hook. How do you do that? We’ll explore hook baiting and other important topics in this post.


Why Change the Paradigm?


Before we discuss the aspects of baiting the hook and getting her to chase you, we need to explore the reasons why you might want to change the situation in the first place. Aren’t guys SUPPOSED to chase women? Isn’t it supposed to go in that direction, rather than the other?


While guys chasing after women has been the rule for quite a long time, there’s nothing set in stone that says it has to be that way. There is no imperative in our species that empowers the female in that way. There is nothing hardwired into our genetic code that requires the male to spend his life in pursuit of females.

And, because there is no rule against it, you can change that situation. Why, though? Doesn’t that just require more work? Actually, it doesn’t. Once you learn how to bait the hook, you’ll find that getting women to chase you is far less frustrating than the traditional cat and mouse routine we all go through.

Here’s the thing – once you, the guy, become the pursuer, you are forever locked into that role with a particular woman. And, because that’s the stereotypical situation, you’ll find that women are almost programmed to turn you down, if for no other reason than to keep the chase going.

We can turn the tables, though. By learning how to bait the hook, you can get her to chase you, and then you can handle the situation on your own terms. So, how do you go about doing that?


It’s All in the Conversation


It’s important to realize that men and women are different, and the same cues that get you to chase a woman will not make her chase you. Women require more subtle inducements. It’s actually all about your persona and your conversation. First, you need to master the skills I laid out in my post on How to Be a High Status Man. Then, you need to get her into conversation. Needless to say, this works better with your day game – conversations in bars and clubs are virtually impossible.

The conversation should do a number of things. One of the most important of those is that it should create something of an air of mystery around you. Women are attracted to men that they cannot completely figure out – it intrigues them and keeps them on their toes.

This is actually the beginning of the baiting process. It really involves nothing more than giving her a small clue or puzzle piece, and then allowing her to search for the next one on her own. If you’re not all that sure you can build this level of intrigue right off the bat, I would recommend reading The Secrets to Becoming a More Confident Man so that you are more comfortable with a cold approach.



Learning Your Approach


You need to go into this process with intentionality. You need to approach her alone, with the mindset that you are going to bait the hook, set it, and then wait for her to take it and run before you begin reeling her in. How do you do that?


  1. The Situation: You can bait the hook almost anywhere, but I really recommend that you and she be alone (or at least somewhere semi-private), and that you avoid bars and clubs. Again, this tactic requires conversation, and that can be hard to do in a loud environment.

  2. The Conversation: Once you’ve found an attractive woman in a day situation, it’s time to move into the conversation. Approach her and strike up a conversation. Not sure how? I lay that out in my post on ensuring you never run out of things to say to a woman. Here’s the thing, though – you need to give just enough information to make her curious. Set up the conversation so that she’s compelled to ask questions. It’s all about inciting her curiosity.

  3. Your Responses: Your responses are just as crucial as her questions. You need to choose how you respond with care. That’s because each answer to a question needs to do two things – it should highlight something important about you, like your humor, your status, etc., and it should also get her to ask another question. Your responses should build on one another, creating a chain. It’s also important that you not completely answer her questions, as this further creates intrigue and makes her want to know more. It cements the hook, and it almost forces her to chase after you simply because she HAS to know more about you.

  4. Use Emotion: Men are creatures of logic. Women, on the other hand, are creatures of emotion. You need to use that to your advantage here. Your responses to her questions should be able to create an emotional story that pulls her in. As men, we want the conversation to get to the point so that we can either move it forward, or we can move on. Women, on the other hand, want an emotional connection that allows them to feel what you’re saying. They’re involved for the story, not the conclusion. Remember that and use it to your advantage here. Also, don’t be afraid to turn it around so that she’s experiencing her own emotions – you could tap into a memory of how much fun she had at her best friend’s birthday party with a brief mention of your own friend’s birthday, for instance.

  5. Unintentional: It might seem odd to say, but all of the preceding tips must be pulled off as though you did all these things without meaning to. If you come across as though you are intentionally trying to bait her, it won’t work. She’ll see what you’re doing and her innate defenses will kick in. At best, you come across as being a creep. At worst, she takes you for some sort of predator. So, follow this plan with care. If necessary, practice your approach so that you have it down cold.



Rinse and Repeat


The process of baiting the hook and then getting her to chase you is actually pretty simple. Here’s the outline:


  • You approach her.

  • You make some offhand comment.

  • She laughs and asks you a question.

  • You partially answer the question, leading her on.

  • She asks another question.

  • You once again partially answer the question, inciting more curiosity.

  • She asks another question.

  • You cause her to feel specific emotions in connection with your presence.

  • She asks another question and finds another side of you that she did not know.

  • You answer, revealing yet another side of your personality.



Eventually, she will get a rough picture of you colored by the emotions you created during the conversation. This image will be so compelling that she will actually pursue you, asking more questions and hoping for a deeper and deeper connection. You can then use that to start a relationship. Make sure that you show her more than one common connection, though. Women need more than just one shared interest to feel comfortable pursuing a man.

With that being said, it is important that you know what you’re going for in terms of each woman you approach. Ensure that you only bait the hook for women who appear to match what you want – a quick hookup, a few dates, or a potential long-term relationship, for instance. While she is building up a mental and emotional image of you, you should be doing the same thing of her, and then allow that image to guide you through the process. If she doesn’t seem to be your “type”, then you can break off your efforts and find someone else.


In Conclusion


When it is all said and done, baiting the hook and getting her to chase you is about turning the usual paradigm on its ear. It’s about retaking control of the situation. Rather than spending your time and energy chasing after someone who is probably just going to shoot you down, you turn the tables and get her to chase you, instead. The novelty of the situation is usually enough that she won’t even question why she is so curious about you and will simply give in to the chase. Where you go from that point is up to you.

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