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Five Great Second Date Ideas

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Five Great Second Date Ideas

Can't stop thinking of a girl that you met on the first date? She has also been positively responding to your text messages? If you want to take things to the next level, you are going to have to shake things up a bit. You are probably competing against her family, friends, colleagues, exes, pets, and even social media for her time and attention. Hey, not to forget the other guys clogging her inbox with messages.

Sometimes, as a dating coach for men, I get questions from clients asking on cheap date ideas because 1) they are spending way too much on fancy dinners 2) they aren’t that active in researching date ideas. This is why you need to plan out a great second date.

So let's get right into the meat of great second date ideas.

One thing has been established, she likes you enough to keep texting, and is looking forward to the second date as much as you are. Only this time, you want to flip the game on its head so that it's not just you doing all the texting, chasing and asking out.

Here are a list of five second date ideas: fun, unique, and accessible, that will take her by surprise, and help you gauge by the end of it, if she's really the one you want to be investing time and emotion in.


A Walk in the Park


Believe it or not, a leisurely stroll in the park could set the ball rolling for better things to come. Keep the conversation light and fun, and look into her eyes each time you'll crack up at a silly joke. If she's into you, she'll be soon linking arms with yours. If this happens, find yourselves a bench to sit on, slip an arm around her, and tease her hair gently.

If there aren't any benches (or if they're all taken), coax her to sit on the grass - she'll need your help dusting off any stray twigs or leaves later. A girl who is cool with lounging on the grass is definitely a keeper.

What next? Just chill out and watch the world go by. People-watching can be a great way to gain insights into someone.

Pro Tip: Resist the urge to pass judgment on the other folks around. Women truly aren't attracted to men who denigrate and psycho-analyze strangers going about their day.

Lastly, you might want to reign in those sneaky sideward glances at the other attractive ladies jogging by.


A Picnic by the River (or Artificial Pond!)



Let's say you're really into her, and will want to make your second date with her feel special. One well-planned picnic will show her exactly how much you care. You'll be breaking stereotypes too, and cutting through the clutter of guys clamoring for her attention with the classic dinner-and-drinks routine.

So pack a picnic lunch with plenty of finger food, paper towels and some glasses. If you are confident about your cooking skills, then throw in a few of your own creations (there is a demographic of women that are taken in by guys who can cook, so that'd be a bonus point for you!)

Not much of a cook? No problem! Plan your date ahead beforehand and find a park that has refreshment stands or a cafe nearby.

You can talk to her about what her regular day is like, what makes her tick, what gets her down. Maybe where she grew up, what university was like, her dreams for the future. This may not be the time to be prodding too deep into her past relations (unless of course it’s voluntarily).

A park picnic is such a great second idea because you'll see multiple facets of her personality. Is she waiting around expecting you to be setting up, running around, and clearing up, or does she dive right in, and plays her part as an equal?


Star Gazing at the Planetarium, or an Open Night Sky



If your city has a planetarium, why not surprise her with an unusual date "under the stars". Imagine lying on those recliner chairs staring into a dome-shaped ceiling that magically transforms  into a star-studded night sky - with the girl of your dreams by your side.

Listen in to the secrets of the universe, stories behind The Hunter, and The Great Bear. Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius - those are real constellations that have existed since the beginning of Time. You can try holding her hand. If she reciprocates and takes it, that is a good sign!

If there's no planetarium in the vicinity, you could drive a couple of hours out of the city, to do your own bit of star-gazing. Read up a little. This demonstrates knowledge. More importantly, this demonstrates that you can be trusted as a man. A woman who agrees to drive out of the city to a solitary space really trusts you. Don't let her down.


Live Music, Smoke, and a Lot of Leaning In!



There is no one that doesn't like live music. It certainly isn't an acquired taste, or one that needs introducing to, which is why a night-time concert is a great chance to vibe with her in social situations. Concert venues are the perfect spot for  you to try out the "incidental touch" without coming on too strong, or even creepy. Go ahead, place your hand on her back, and guide her through the crowds, or better still just slip your hand into hers.

The music's going to be loud, and there'll be plenty of leaning in into each other's ears to converse so you'd better make sure your breath smells fresh. You can wrap your arms around her if she's standing in front of you, and compliment her hair on its scent. A concert is definitely one of the most tactile and sensual second date ideas to have.


Finally, Take Her to Places that Mean Something to You



This woman is special, and you know you want to get to know her better. There’s no need to be afraid of showing her a glimpse of things or places that matter to you. Take her to the school or university you went to. Show her your favorite classroom, or the laboratory where you set off a couple of explosions!

If you enjoyed volunteering at the zoo, or the local dog shelter… you can take her there and let her see what you are passionate about. Women need to feel that a man cares enough to share parts of his life that matter to him, not just to date her at restaurants, and get some late night action at her place.

There are great second date ideas, and ultimately if she’s genuinely interested in you have what you have to show her, then it’s time to start planning date number three.

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