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So, you’ve finally got off the phone with the girl you like and she’s agreed to meet with you. Now you’re stuck asking yourself questions like, where should I take her?’, ‘What day should I pick to meet her?’, ‘How can I make a great first impression?’, and any other questions you may have. 

First of all, it’s okay if you’re feeling a little nervous before your first date, it’s not gonna kill your date. Dates in fact are pretty straightforward if you follow the basic rules like, go at the right times, go to the right places and just in general avoid any common mistakes you could make. 


So in this article you're going to learn some things that’ll help make your date, amazing.
Okay, so a frequent question I get asked a lot by guys I coach is, ‘Where should I take her on the first date?’ I’ll tell you where you shouldn’t take her. Don’t take her out to dinner, I repeat don’t do it. 

Not only is it so cliche and impersonal but it’s also very difficult to get flirty and sexual with her and to add on to that, a lot of women are actually quite self-conscious about eating in front of guys and when they do, it can make them a little uncomfortable. 

Another place you should avoid taking her is to a movie theatre, especially if it’s on a first date. You literally just sit there awkwardly by one another, you can’t get personal and talk to her and once again, it’s very difficult to touch her sexually.

Now some good examples of date locations are places that will make the two of you active and allow for the two of you to flirt and touch sexually. 

So places like: bowling alleys, concerts, improv shows, dance classes such as salsa, museums, art galleries etc.. 

Now if you wanna take her to a club or a bar then that’s totally fine but make sure she’s into that because some women don’t really enjoy going to venues like that for a first date and also make sure you end up there alone because what I’ve experienced in the past is I’d suggest to the girl a cool bar, but then she’d suggest another because her friends are there and once that happens, it’s not really a date anymore but it’s more of a 'lets just hang' vibe.

And to top that all off, you wanna make sure that the places you choose to take her to are either close to your place or close to her place. Pick a couple of places to go to that are no more than a 5 minute drive from yours or hers, if it’s within walking distance, that’s even better. You see where I’m going here right? 

The closer you are to your place or her place, it’ll make it easier to pull her back, and you wanna make sure that you pick a few things to do with her, maybe 3 or 4 things and the reason for this is because the level of intimacy you create with her doesn’t come from talking it comes from sharing different experiences together. 

So an example of a good date would be something like: Meet up around your place, maybe at a park or something and take a walk around that park, then go to a salsa class, after that have a few drinks nearby and finally pull her back to your place. 

Another thing I should add is: You should avoid dates that are set in the afternoon for example a lunch date. If you ask a girl out on a lunch date you’re basically putting yourself in the friend zone. Save dates for the night time, depending on what you’ll be doing during the date you wanna meet her in the evening around 7 or 8PM

If you save the date for around this time then it’ll give you the flexibility to spend more time with each other and there’s more of a chance of spending the night together. You also wanna make sure you pick the correct day. A lot of hot girls are busy on the weekends so it’s too much of a commitment to get them to come out. 

The best days for a first date to take place is either Thursday or Wednesday because during the weekend they’re more then likely to be busy and during the beginning of the week they’re more then likely gonna be stressed out from work or other commitments they may have. So aim to take out the woman on either a Thursday or Wednesday night.

Okay, so these are the very basic things you need to get down to make your date go smoothly but what happens next? How do you get in her pants? 

Well, there are 3 "popular" behavioural traits that guys don't think are attractive but are actually, MASSIVE TURN-ONS for women. So master them, and it'll be a lot easier for you to F*#k her.

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