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AI and the Future of Dating

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A.I and the Future of Dating

It’s no secret that technology changes the way people interact with one another. Better tech allows people to communicate with one another over great distances in real-time and near real-time. Not only has it changed the way that people work, make purchases, and enjoy entertainment, but it’s also changed the way we date. The rise of the smartphone was one of the first big changes. Dating apps, such as Tinder, became more commonplace. Meeting people online and through apps was no longer considered strange. It was becoming the norm.

When online dating first started, there was something of a stigma surrounding it. People thought that they would be judged if they looked for love on the Internet. Of course, this was before the first smartphones were created. The world was still getting accustomed to communicating with one another online. Times would change, and quickly, the rise of online dating would be well underway by 2010.

It’s been increasing in popularity since, and it’s now become common. Many people are meeting this way today, and they feel that it’s easier to meet the right people. One of the benefits is that it pulls people out of looking for love in their friend group or at their workplace. They have more options available, and this can increase the chance of finding the right person.

Because of the reduced stigma to online dating, more money and effort are being put into the various platforms offering these services. Naturally, the technology in these services is getting better.


Consider How A.I Can Make Online Dating Better


The next big iteration is likely to be the use of artificial intelligence. This doesn’t mean that people will be dating A.I, of course! Rather, it means that artificial intelligence will be used to better predict matches for people who are online and looking for a connection. A.I is getting better and better each day. It will not be long before the predictions for matching become even more accurate.

Imagine how A.I could not only help you find someone that matches with you in your area but also learns about your shared hobbies and can come up with nearby date ideas. A.I could be your very own Cupid that goes the extra mile.

Although there are companies out there like Tinder that can help match people with one another, they rely on constant activity by you, the user. There are a large number of people on these platforms, but it’s not always easy for people to find good matches. They have to manually search through people on the platforms to try to narrow down their options. When people contact them, they have to look at that person’s account and information to get a better sense of whether it might be a good match or not.

The use of A.I could help to save time and provide better overall matches. It could help to improve the quality of online dating. Just because you might be going out on a lot of dates does not mean that they are worth your time. After all, you want to have quality dates, not just a large quantity of them. A.I can help because it can quickly and accurately take information that you provide and do a better job of matching with people that are closer to your ideal. In essence, these smarter matches should mean better dates. You might be wondering how this will occur, though.




Improved Machine-Learning


Some might imagine that they would make better decisions when it comes to finding a good date online than a machine. After all, they figure that they know themselves better than a machine would know them. However, that doesn’t always seem to be the case. People are often enigmas. They might say that they like and want certain things when they are looking for someone to date, but they may not be being honest with themselves.

With the use of machine-learning and artificial intelligence, there could be improved choices made for dating. Rather than simply choosing a date based on what you claim you want, the machine-learning could choose matches that are based on your actions and the things you do.

Artificial intelligence might learn more about how you are spending time on the dating app and where you are spending that time. The A.I can look at how you are using the app, the actions that you take, whether you start conversations with people, how long it takes to respond to certain types of messages, and much more.

Depending on how much power you give the A.I to look into other aspects of your life, it can get an even better idea of who you really are and what you want. The A.I could learn more about how you use the web, the sites you visit, the types of news you read, your finances, what you are watching, your exercise patterns, etc. The more the A.I knows about you the better it will be at matching you with the right people.

In the near future, you might find that artificial intelligence is how many people are finding their perfect new partner.


The Future is Closer than You Think


If you think that the use of artificial intelligence is still in the realm of science fiction, you are mistaken. A.I is currently used in a host of areas, including in some dating apps. It’s not something that will happen “in a few years”. It’s happening now, and it’s just going to be getting better and better in the years to come.

There is an app in the UK called Loveflutter, which uses A.I to match people based on personality traits. These traits are found by the A.I scouring the tweets the people make. This A.I is still being improved and will eventually help to provide coaching to users who meet offline after the online chats have been analyzed. It’s not too dissimilar to an artificially intelligent Cyrano de Bergerac that’s on your side. released Lara in 2018, which is a digital personal assistant that can suggest a daily match, along with activities and dating tips. Another app, called AIMM is voice-activated and asks you questions for a week before sending matches your way. The A.I “gets to know you” over these questions and will then start to find potential matches based on the way that you answered.

As mentioned, A.I is improving all the time. It’s only natural that in the coming years, it will continue to play bigger and bigger roles when it comes to dating. The only question is just how it will be used by the various dating apps.



Is AI Scary?


There will always be those who fear technology, and A.I tends to get a bad reputation that’s not too far from the “killer robots of the future” worry. However, A.I shouldn’t be frightening, especially when it comes to dating. The A.I takes the information that it’s given. It learns what you want and what will be right for you in a partner. It just matches you up with someone who wants the same things and that has the same values. A.I has the potential to save people from making mistakes by dating the wrong people who aren’t right for them.


Is A.I Always Correct?


Does this mean artificial intelligence will be perfect at matching people? No, there’s no such thing as perfection, but A.I has the potential to get close. Of course, there are always people who will be dishonest with themselves and with the A.I. The A.I will only be as good and as accurate as it can be given the information that’s provided. Someone who says one thing and answers one way but has different feelings will not find what they want even with the help of A.I.

To get the best results from A.I for dating, it’s important to be honest and to provide the system with the access it needs to produce results. Just be sure that you are comfortable allowing the A.I to access all of that information. In the future, as more people get accustomed to using A.I, this should be less of a sticking point.



Keep Watching AI


Artificial intelligence, regardless of how it is being used, is fascinating. If you are interested in how A.I works, and how it is being implemented, keep abreast of the changes in this field. If you are dating online or thinking about it, check the apps you are using and see if they have any sort of A.I and machine learning in place. The companies that put the effort into this area of their apps are likely to thrive in the next decade.

Dating is changing, but the heart of the matter will remain the same. You want to find good people who have things in common with you in terms of values, hobbies, ideas, etc. You don’t want the A.I to find you a match that is 100% like you, of course, but you need someone you will be compatible with. A.I really will make this easier.

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