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9 Ways Meditating Can Lead You to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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9 Ways Meditating Can Lead You to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

When we think about achieving success as an entrepreneur, we imagine dedication, hard work, following a vision, and more. We think of having the right mindset, and being able stay motivated and moving forward despite setbacks.

It takes its toll on your mind, body, and spirit. Despite the elation that comes from achieving your dreams, it’s likely that you’re feeling more and more frayed around the edges, more worn down and less at peace.

Operating your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but there is no denying that it also goes hand in hand with increased anxiety, increased stress, and increased unhappiness. The good news is that there are ways to handle those negative emotions. No, I’m not talking about a martini, or a scotch on the rocks. I’m talking about the profound power of a simple practice – meditation.


What Is Meditation?


Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, we need to take a moment to explain what we’re talking about here when it comes to meditation. Do you need to don a robe and sit cross-legged on the floor? Do you need to be in a Buddhist temple to do this? Would chimes help, or maybe burning incense?

No, no, no, and no. Toss away your notions of what meditation entails and think about this:

Meditation is nothing more than letting your thoughts flow into and out of your mind without letting them affect you. It’s a time of taking a step back, focusing on your breathing, and centering yourself.

According to The Buddhist Centre, meditation is “a means of transforming the mind. Buddhist meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. By engaging with a particular mediation practice, you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.”


Don’t You Need Peace and Quiet to Meditate?


In the beginning, it’s easier to meditate somewhere that you’re completely alone and where you can control the environment. However, as you learn how to meditate, that is no longer true. You’ll find that you can meditate just about anywhere – the office, or while riding the train into work. You can meditate while jogging, or while making your morning oatmeal. So, no, you don’t really need peace and quiet to meditate, although that will help you get off on the right foot.



How Does Meditation Help?


That’s all well and good, you say, but how is meditation going to help you become more successful as an entrepreneur? Is it just about stress reduction? Can’t you get that through a good workout, or maybe a glass of wine or beer after a long day? While stress and anxiety reduction are definitely important benefits of meditation, there’s a lot more that can benefit you. Below, we’ll explore the ways that meditating can lead you to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Improved Cognition


We’ll start with cognition – your mental prowess. As an entrepreneur, you need to be at the top of your mental game day in and day out. There have been actual scientific studies proving that meditation, even just for a few minutes, can dramatically improve your cognition and focus, allowing you to bring more mental acuity to every situation throughout your day. That’s a vital consideration for entrepreneurs, who need to be able to think about, compare, and process multiple pieces of information at the same time. Think of it as boosting the processing power of your brain.


Improved Sleep Quality


As an entrepreneur, you need to get your Z’s. Science has proven that sleep is not for the weak. In fact, if you’re sacrificing your sleep in the name of your business, you’re eventually going to implode. Sleep deprivation has been linked to all sorts of problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart disease. So, burning the candle at both ends is actually going to kill you. What if you’re trying to get the right amount of shuteye, but sleep disturbances keep waking you up? Meditation is proven to help. It can help smooth out your sleep patterns, prevent disturbances, and even help ensure that you’re getting more restful sleep at night and waking up feeling refreshed.



Improved Energy Levels


Entrepreneurs need the energy to keep going, even when they’re dead tired. The right diet, good sleep every night, and exercise will all help there, but so will meditation. This is linked in part to meditation’s ability to help you get better quality sleep. However, it is also linked to the aforementioned anxiety and stress reduction benefits of meditation. Even meditating for just a few minutes in the morning or during the day can be enough to recharge your battery and give you the energy you need to conquer the day.


Improved Memory


Take a look at any successful business leader today, and you’ll find that they have excellent memories. They’re able to take in new information, process it, and retain it for long durations. In contrast, too many of us struggle to remember information as it is constantly being driven out by new data, new occurrences and new problems. Meditation allows you to improve your memory in a number of ways. In fact, a scientific study that followed college students found that with mindful meditation, the students were able to improve their memory capacity significantly and perform better in class. In fact, mindful meditation actually helps increase the volume of brain matter as well as the performance of neurons within your brain.



Improved Ability to Learn


One of the most important things for entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to achieve success in life, really, is to be a lifelong learner. You need to continually learn new things and be open to new experiences. The second you think you’ve mastered life and there is nothing left to learn, that’s when your journey begins to go downhill, not because there is nothing left to learn, but because you’ve walled yourself off from life. Meditation helps ensure that you’re able to keep learning, and it can even make you more open to learning new things.


Improved Emotional Stability


What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos all have in common other than wealth? Happiness. Optimism. An ability to look on the bright side and to see the good in just about any situation. Truly successful entrepreneurs have a mindset that focuses on positivity and happiness. They are naturally optimistic. That isn’t just a coincidence. Happy people are able to find success much more often than negative people. Meditation is proven to help improve your emotional stability and your ability to look on the bright side.



Improved Mental Capacity


We’ve already touched on how meditation can help improve your mental cognition and even the volume of gray matter inside your skull. However, it can also improve your mental capacity. As we age, our mental capacity increases to a certain point, and then begins to naturally decline. Meditation is able to halt that decline, and even reverse the trend, increasing your capacity back to peak levels or even beyond in some instances. This is due to the fact that you constantly practice focusing and concentrating, which improves your ability to focus even during boring, repetitive tasks, as well as your attention to detail.


Reduced Negative Thoughts


We all have negative thoughts from time to time. They’re part of human nature. However, they don’t have to affect your life. Meditation can help you see those thoughts for what they are – something not part of you. With meditation, you allow those thoughts to enter your mind and pass through, without affecting you in the process. You come to realize that while they are your thoughts, you are not your thoughts. And, because meditation is able to improve your emotional stability and increase optimism, you will ultimately reduce negative thoughts over time in the first place.



Ability to Tap into Creativity


Finally, you will discover that meditation allows you to tap into your creativity. Entrepreneurs must be able to create and innovate. You must be able to build and grow new things. Creativity is the key to doing that. Meditation is actually one of the most powerful tools available to help you unlock ideas and get those creative juices flowing, particularly mindful meditation that allows your mind to move from thought to thought without attempting to control the direction or nature of those thoughts.


In Conclusion


Ultimately, meditation is an incredible tool that can allow you to become a successful entrepreneur. From firing up your idea machine to improving sleep quality and boosting your energy levels, there are few areas of life that meditation does not impact. Even meditating for just a few minutes each day can make an enormous difference in your level of success and your happiness.

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