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8 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Adrian Gee

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What's up guys? As I'm sitting on my bed procrastinating I thought I would give you 10 random facts about me that you probably didn't know (unless you've been following me for a real long time, you may know some of these). The reason I'm sharing these with you is because I'd love to get on a personal level with you as I would with a friend. I treat everyone that 'follows' me as a friend, not a stranger. So let's get straight into the 8 random facts.

1. For the past 3 years I've been coaching guys. Okay let's be a little more specific. When I left high school not only was I shy, unconfident and had very low-self esteem but I had no idea how to meet, interact and date women. When I realised this problem I decided it's time for me to take action and make a change. So I decided to study some of the top dating coaches and read a lot on the topics of seduction and attraction followed by going out everyday and approaching women. Long story short I mastered my dating life and was dating numerous girls simultaneously (I know that's a little wrong but hey at least I'm honest about it and it's not like the girls didn't know), once my friends had seen my success with women they started asking for help and so, I helped them. After reading the book The One Thing by Gary Keller I decided I wanted to help other guys with their dating life, and that's exactly what I do now. A lot of people think I just film funny YouTube videos and have no idea about this part of my life but as it's now getting overwhelming with the 1 on 1 coaching due to high demand I've decided to launch a premium program which I'll be launching August 8th 2017.

2. I'm of Polish decent. A lot of people don't know this but my background is actually Polish. My parents were born in Poland and moved to Australia. However,  I was born and raised in Australia but because my parents were quite bad with their English we only spoke Polish around the house. That may be one of the reasons my accent sounds so mixed.

3. I love to read & learn. Coming from someone who does 'silly' videos on the internet you wouldn't suspect me to be a 'book worm' but believe it or not I absolutely love to read. The topics I'm usually interested in are: Dating, Self-development, Business, Entrepreneurship and Psychology.

4. I was exposed. It's not as bad as it may sound, haha. So remember that phase when 'Social Experiments were a thing? Well everyone was doing them, faking them and getting a ton of subscribers, viewers. Me being desperate for views I decided to jump on that wagon. It was mid 2015 I filmed a staged a 'social experiment' called 'dropping the phone in public'. It was going so well I decided to film another called 'The Real Blind Man Honesty Test' and well.. That didn't turn out well. News media companies were contacting me for interviews and despite being young and naive I decided to go on these shows playing off that the video was real. Long story short, I got f*#ked pretty hard after an actor said it was all staged. This story is so long I don't wanna go into it but I've learnt so much from that experience that it's made me the guy I am today.

5. All my videos are real. This kind of contradicts my above fact but I want to clear this up. After that experience, some people have questioned the authenticity of my videos but I can guarantee you from then on, every single video is real. All the 'comment trolling', 'picking up girls' and 'street interviews' are all real and 100%. I would never, ever stage videos like that nor would I consider staging 'social experiments' or any other videos again. Out of all 200+ videos on my channel the only staged ones are the 'Dropping The Phone In Public' and 'The Real Blind Man Honesty Test' (not including the 2 parodies).

6. I date girls I pick up from my videos. A lot of guys ask whether I date the girls from my videos. The answer. Yes. Plain and simple, I wouldn't ask for their phone number if I wasn't interested in them.

7. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 19 years old. Yep, lol. I have nothing to hide so yeah, may as well go all personal with you. As I'm finishing off this blog post I am now in an uber on the way to Santa Monica to meet up with a girl I approached the other day. She's so hot. Here's a pic of me right now.


8. And a final fact, I love Indian food. One day I plan to visit India. Hopefully in 2018.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed those 8 random facts about me. I'm approaching Santa Monica now so I'll speak to you soon.

-Adrian Gee

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