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7 Easy Ways to Invest $1,000 in 2019

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7 Easy Ways to Invest $1,000 in 2019

Looking for a simple, effective way to build your wealth and success in the coming year? Most of us are. However, few people will find genuine success. They lack the right mindset. They lack the right tools. They lack the right knowledge about which investment options are worth their time and money. In this post, I’m going to help ensure that you’re not one of them. I want to lay out some of the most important, yet simplest, ways for you to invest $1,000 in 2019 and watch your money grow.


Why Invest Just $1,000?


Before we delve too far into the where of things, we need to address the why. Why should you invest only $1,000? Don’t most brokers and investment advisors have a minimum amount that’s well over the $1,000 mark? Sure they do.

That doesn’t mean that you have to part with your life savings. A smart investor, including millionaires with wealth to spare, knows how to control their wealth while limiting their exposure to risk. That’s one reason you should start with just $1,000.

It’s a decent enough sum that you can earn some interest off it, but it’s not so large that losing it would break you. And, that’s actually the first rule of investing – never invest money that you cannot afford to lose completely. Otherwise, you’re not investing. You’re just gambling. What’s more, you’re gambling with money that you or your family absolutely needs in order to thrive. Start small, instead.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can get to the real meat of the conversation – the where and how bits.


Find the Right Platform


When you think about investing, what comes to mind first? If you’re like most people, it means hiring a financial advisor or a similar financial guru. Save yourself time and money, and skip that. With an investment of just $1,000, you probably won’t meet the minimums, but you don’t need to pay the fees those financial service providers charge. And, thanks to the digital age, you can gain access to the investment tools you need on your own.

Hit the App Store or Google Play and download the trading platform you prefer. There are tons of them out there – IQ Option, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Wealthfront, Stockpile, and Vault are just a handful of examples. They all operate on something of the same basis, but there are differences, particularly when it comes to investor education (TD Ameritrade wins here) and customer support and service (IQ Option is great). Get to know the app/platform that you choose and make some small trades. ETFs might be a great first option, as they are usually low in price and offer plenty of diversification options. Personally, I prefer using IQ Option to execute my trades. It's a super simple platform to use and it's a great way to generate a nice little side income. 


Offer a Helping Hand to Others


Do you want to earn money while simultaneously helping those around you? If so, consider making small personal loans and charging a low interest rate. We’re not talking about letting your little brother Joe borrow your cash – he’ll never pay it back, we know. I actually don’t recommend lending to family or friends. If they’re in need of cash and you have it to spare, make it a gift.

No, what I’m talking about is called peer-to-peer lending, and it’s one of the fastest growing trends for those who want to build their wealth while doing good for other humans at the same time. How does it work? It’s pretty simple.

First, you sign up as a lender with a peer-to-peer platform. There are lots of them out there. Lending Club is perhaps the best example, but you’ll find a ton of others. Upstart, Funding Circle, Prosper Marketplace, Peerform, and CircleBack are all good examples here.

Someone in need of money downloads the app or goes to the P2P lending website. They complete the application, and it’s then submitted to lenders (people like you). You decide if you want to lend to them, as well as how much you’ll offer. They get the money and then repay it (with interest) over a short period of time. You get your money back plus some. Rinse and repeat, and you can build your wealth quite quickly.



Consider Microinvesting


You don’t have to put all your money in one place. You can invest your $1,000 in separate pieces and let each of those build interest over time. One of the most interesting advents of the modern world is the ability to make micro-investments (the process is called micro investing). The Clink app is a great example of this, and here’s how it works:

You download the app. You open an account and fund it. You then choose the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that you like most from a Vanguard-based account. You can even set the app to schedule a specific amount of your purchases as investments. For instance, suppose you entertain clients by taking them out to dinner.

You can write that off as a business expense, but you can also designate the Clink app to take a portion of those costs and invest them in ETFs. You also don’t have to worry about minimums here. However, there are a few costs – you’ll be charged $1 per month if your account has over $5,000 in it, and any balance will be assessed a 0.25% fee.


Get into Day Trading


This is probably one of the riskiest recommendations on this list. I also urge you to ensure that you have as much knowledge as possible before getting into the action. It’s fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled, but it can also be a short route to bankruptcy. I highly recommend that you start with no more than the $1,000 you have right now, and that you do not chase losses.

In a way, day trading is like gambling. You’re betting small amounts on small investments that will mature and pay out (or drop) within hours or even minutes. You will make small amounts from each trade, but those amounts will add up over time.

If you are thinking about day trading, it is best to start out with penny stocks. No, you won’t make a killing, but you also won’t lose your shirt right off the bat. As you build your confidence and knowledge, you can move up into the bigger leagues. Again, personally, I prefer using IQ Option to execute my trades. Over the past 9 months I've been able to make on average an extra $2,000 per month. It's not much but considering I only do it for fun and I only put in about 2 hours per month, it's pretty good.



Get into Commodities


When you think about investing, the stock market is probably one of the first things to come to mind. That’s natural, and you can earn a lot here. However, you should also consider commodities. No, they don’t have the same sex appeal as making your money on tech stocks or picking the underdog that goes on to outperform everyone’s expectations, but they’re solid, reliable, and in demand pretty much all the time. What are commodities?

We’re talking about the physical goods that make the world go around – gold, silver, platinum, cattle, steel. You’ll need to pay attention to market movements here, though. Supply and demand will play the single largest part in your ability to build wealth. With a greater supply and lower demand, the price of the commodity will drop, as will your investment’s value. With an increase in demand and decrease in supply, the commodity’s price will rise, as will your investment’s value.


Consider Getting into Cryptocurrency


If you have the risk tolerance, you could get into trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or ether. You can approach this in a couple of ways. First, you can use a buy and hold strategy, which can be a very good option considering the incredible volatility in this market segment. Second, you could approach it more like day trading, buying and selling frequently, and building your investment’s value incrementally but over a short period of time.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the single most valuable out there. However, it might not be the one that’s right for you. Litecoin, ether, and dozens of others can be useful in your wealth-building efforts, so do your due diligence and find the right coin (or coins) for your needs. Not sure what platform to use? My favorite is CoinBase and if you click here, you'll get $10 of crypto for free after investing $100.



Pay Off Debt


When you think about building wealth, the chances are good that you picture putting your money into an account of some type where it will earn interest. That generates more wealth for you over time. However, you could actually do a lot more if you took that $1,000 and just paid off some of your debt.

Let’s use credit card debt as an example – it’s something most people suffer with. If you paid off $1,000 in credit card debt, that’s a significant amount of interest that you avoid, as well. That’s also the money you save in the form of monthly payments. Paying off debt allows you to remove a financial constraint from your life, freeing up your existing cash flow. It builds liquidity right away, without any of the risks found with other investment methods.


In Conclusion


Ultimately, there are plenty of ways that you can invest $1,000 in 2019 including in yourself. Taking action now will allow your investment to build and pay off over time, helping to ensure that you see the income you need.

Now, if you do want to learn how to earn a six-figure income with just one day of work each week, I invite you to sign up for my new 'Six Figure Sunday' course (click here to sign up). There, I will take you through the process on how you can generate $100,000+ per year, working only 1 day a week while doing something you actually love. Simply click the button below and I'll see you there.

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