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16 Habits Rich People Develop That Poor People Don’t

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16 Habits Rich People Develop That Poor People Don’t

No one wants to “just get by”. No one sets out to be poor. “Making ends meet” is never an enjoyable thing. So, why is it that some people are poor and some people have more money than they could ever spend? Is it simple luck, a roll of the dice that leaves some in a far more precarious financial situation? Is it upbringing? Is it genetics?

Actually, it’s none of those things. It’s all about forming the right habits, and then employing those habits on a daily basis. What are the habits of the rich that poor people lack? Let’s run through some of the most important below.



Up and About Early


We’ll start with one of the least obvious habits. Most low-income people look at the rich as being lazy and indolent – they have money, so they can stay in bed as long as they want, right? Wrong. In almost all cases, successful, wealthy, self-made people are up and about early. And I don’t mean they get up a half-hour early so they can eat breakfast before heading to the office. Rich people usually get up three hours before they have to be in the office so that they can prepare for the day. Poor people, on the other hand, usually get up with just enough time to shower and get on the road. Something that I use to wake up nice an early in the morning is the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock. I love it as stimulates the sunrise - aka the natural way you should wake up. Over the course of about 30 minutes it gradually fills the room with light. Then it plays soothing sounds to finish the wake-up process.


Automated Systems


Managing their time is as important as managing their money for the rich. The more you have to handle personally, the less time you have for things that really matter. The rich understand this, and they take steps to limit the number of pointless, mundane tasks they must do by automating those things. This might be something as simple as setting up automated billing for their electric bill, or focusing on online banking so they can check their balance at a glance. Anything that saves them time (and money) through automation is generally a good thing.


Rich People Stick to a Budget


If you want to see one of the starkest differences between wealthy individuals and those with less financial means, look at their monthly budget. Actually, you’ll find that most poor people don’t have a monthly budget. Their money goes out as fast as it comes in, generally through poor management and overspending. In fact, more than half of Americans don’t have a monthly budget. The rich are different. They have a budget they follow every month, and they stick to it. By creating a detailed budget that accounts for every penny coming in and going out, rich people are able to manage their finances very well.



The Rich Always Learning


Perhaps the single most important habit that rich people have that poor people don’t is that they are lifelong learners. They are committed to educating themselves – it doesn’t stop when they get out of college. They learn, learn, learn. They read books on self-development. They listen to podcasts about wealth management. They follow thought leaders about investment strategies. They learn more about technology and future developments. By constantly learning, they are able to constantly improve themselves, and their financial situation.


Rich People Use Their Time Intelligently


Look at a poor person’s life, and you’ll find that after working through another grueling shift, they come home, grab something to eat, and almost fall down on the couch, where they spend the remainder of their downtime. That’s fine – as long as they want to repeat the process tomorrow. The rich don’t do that. They make intelligent use of their time, particularly their downtime. While they’re not actively working, rich people educate themselves, but they also read for pleasure, or they engage in other activities that offer some sort of benefit. They don't neglect to get rest or to recharge, but they focus on intelligent use of their time in regards to their plans for tomorrow and down the road.


They Make Their Own Decisions


Look at a rich person and a poor person. Who do you believe has the most control over their lives? It’s the rich one. Poor people rarely make their own decisions, at least about the things that matter in their lives. They adopt a victim mentality. Rich people, on the other hand, take charge of their lives and make their own decisions. They do not ask for or wait for permission to do what they want. They chart a course forward that will allow them to reach their goals, and then they go for it. They succeed not because of luck or chance, but because they decided that they were going to succeed, and then they made choices that pushed them forward.


Rich People Build Relationships with Others


Think that the wealthy don’t care about others? That’s actually untrue. In fact, they realize that their success hinges on other people, and they actively seek out people who can support their financial growth and build relationships with them. This is also called networking – remember; it’s more about who you know than what you know.



Focus on Healthful Foods


Wealthy people make smart choices, and that’s only partially due to their nature as lifelong learners. They also fuel their bodies with healthful foods. In contrast, poor people are much more likely to subsist on junk food. It’s cheap, and it’s plentiful, after all. The problem is that junk food doesn’t supply the body (and brain!) with the nutrients necessary for proper function. Talking about nutrients to supply your brain, you should really consider taking the THINQ Smart Nootropic Dietry Supplement. Taking this supplement will boost your memory, focus and cognition to allow your brain to function at it's highest possible level. I've been taking this for the past 9 months and have seen a significant improvement in my overall brain health.


Successful People Keep Their Own Counsel


“No man is an island”, but that doesn’t mean you should blurt out your every thought and idea. Rich people are much more likely to keep their thoughts to themselves than are poor people, who are more likely to engage in gossip and idle chatter while the rich keep their mouths closed and focus on what it takes to reach success.


They Make Time for Exercise


No, not all wealthy people are fit, but the vast majority of successful individuals make time for regular exercise, while poor people do not. Why? It’s because a fit body boosts mental fitness and health, as well. Regular exercise reduces stress, boosts mental focus, and aids in many other areas.



Rich People Make Goals and Chart Progress Toward Those Goals


“I’ll get there one day,” is the usual refrain from poor people when asked about their hopes and aspirations. Ask a wealthy person about theirs, and they’ll give you something much more specific – a plan that takes them from square one to success, with milestones and goals along the way.


The Rich Have a Game Plan Every Single Day


When they’re not working, poor people usually lack any sort of plan that supports their ability to find success. Rich people, on the other hand, have a game plan for every single day. Each day brings them one step closer to realizing their ultimate goal.


Wealthy People Don’t Watch Television


What’s the biggest source of wasted time in the average poor person’s life? Television. It accounts for hours and hours and hours of lost productive time every single week. Rich people realize that TV is mostly a waste, and they avoid it so they can focus on making real progress in their lives.



Successful People Don’t Pin Their Hopes of Success on the Lottery


Playing the lottery is incredibly popular in the US, but look at those who spend the most money on tickets and you’ll find that they’re overwhelmingly poor. Rich people don’t pin their hopes of success on the lottery. They know how to make money, whether that’s at their day job, in the online environment, or something else. They realize that luck doesn’t build success – determination and good planning do.


Rich People Seek Out Answers


What does the average poor person do when they’re asked a question to which they don’t know the answer? They shrug their shoulders and go on. A rich person will seek out the answer. This not only allows them to answer the question, but it satisfies their urge to know, and it builds their knowledge base. The seeking of answers also helps them meet others who specialize in different areas, form relationships and network.


Wealthy People Realize Real Wealth Is a Long Game


Finally, rich people realize that real wealth isn’t a big payday. It’s a secure financial future. Winning the lottery today doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be poor again in 10 years. In fact, most lottery winners are broke within a very short time. Wealthy people realize that financial success is a long game, the culmination of multiple smart decisions and choices.


In Conclusion


Ultimately, the difference between the rich and poor isn’t luck. It’s not a roll of the cosmic dice. It’s not even being born into the right family. It’s all about forming the right habits, and then employing those habits every single day. It’s about being determined to be successful, and then pushing toward that success no matter how tired you are at the end of your day job shift. It’s this ability to pursue a dream that transcends gender, age, race and class.

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