10 ways to become your best self

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10 Ways to Become the Best Version of Yourself

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10 Ways to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Even if you are content with the path your life is currently on, there is always room for a little improvement. In fact, being content can often lead to stagnation because you forget to keep moving forward. For many people, life is just totally out of control, and they are just trying to hold on.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, both of them can be helped by the tips that are being outlined below. Everyone needs to spend a little bit of time focusing on themselves and working on their own goals. What do all those motivational posters say? Oh yeah, life’s a journey, not a destination.

It may be cheesy, but it’s true. You only get this one life to make things happen. You don’t want to waste it. Each achievement will lead to a feeling of happiness or joy, but that fades pretty quickly. You have to keep growing in this life to sustain a feeling of happiness over the long-term.

Here are 10 ways for you to become the best version of yourself.


Use Your Imagination


Your brain is a powerful thing. Find a quiet spot to contemplate, and then let your brain do its thing. Imagine a future self, one that you admire. Imagine all of the things that future self knows, feels, and has accomplished. Once you can see that person very clearly in your mind’s eye, you can start thinking about the paths you need to take to turn the current you into that future you.

Will it require taking classes? Will you need to get a different job? Lose weight? Once you know what steps you need to take, you can start making a plan for yourself. This is a neverending process because once you achieve that future self, it will be time to fire up that imagination again.



Give Each Day a Top Three


Many successful people create a to-do list for the next day before they go to bed at night. This allows them to start the day fresh with a clear path laid out for them, and it lets them know exactly what tasks need to be accomplished. It is a good strategy because it allows you to wake up ready to tackle the day.

The issue with this strategy can be when you start giving yourself more tasks than a day can reasonably handle. Having a crazy long to-do list will make you stress at night instead of sleeping peacefully, it will make you feel rushed all day long, and it will lead to frustration at the end of the day when you don’t get everything finished.

Instead of bogging yourself down, create a top three list of things that you absolutely want to be accomplished. Then you can add a few “maybe” items to the list that can be worked on after the top three are completed (if you have leftover time.)


Keep Learning


Remember that future self that you are striving to become? Well, chances are that person has skills or knowledge that you don’t currently possess. That means you are going to have to learn them.

Learning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to enroll in a class somewhere, although that is always an option. It could simply mean watching YouTube tutorials or reading how-to books. It doesn’t matter where you are getting your newfound knowledge from, it only matters that you go out there and get it.





There will always be a lot of things vying for your attention: work, family, friends, your dog. Each day only contains so many hours, and you have to sleep for some of them. That means you are going to have to learn how to prioritize.

A huge problem for many people is that they forget to make themselves a priority. Kids and work will generally always be put at the top of the list, but it is easy to let yourself slip down into last place. Remember that this is your life, and you should be one of your own main priorities.

Making your daily to-do list is a good way to help prioritize yourself. Make sure that you put something on your list that adds to your own personal growth at least twice per week. This will keep yourself on the top half of your priority list.


Don’t Fret Over the Inconsequential


Humans are a bit dramatic. We are constantly making mountains out of molehills. Whenever some issue happens in your life, use the test of ten to put it in perspective. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if this particular problem will matter in ten days. How about ten weeks? Ten months? Will you still be thinking about it in ten years?

If you have trouble with this method, you can try thinking back to a past problem and gauging how long it was really an issue for you. Once you start reframing all the little bumps in the road in this manner, it will help you react more appropriately in the future.


Be Creative


Not everyone is an artist or musician. Yet, every single person can be creative in some way, and it is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp. Try to create one thing every single day. That doesn’t mean you have to grab a slab of marble and make sculptures in your garage.

There are plenty of ways that you can be creative. Do you like to cook? Make up a recipe. Do you like to write? Jot down a story. Do you like to exercise? Make up a new workout routine.



Worry About Your Health


One thing that happens when you forget to make yourself a priority is that you forget to take good care of your own health. Think back over the last few months. How many times did you skip a meal because you made something else a priority? How many times did you skip exercising?

Eating healthy, working out, and going to the doctor for your routine checkups are all important factors for maintaining your health. Don’t let yourself be put on the back burner.


Seek Some Inspiration


Find some thought leaders to inspire you. No matter what skills you are trying to acquire or what path you are taking to get to your future self, there is bound to be an expert in that area. Find someone that inspires you and listen to them or read their books at least once per week.

You can find a good list of inspiring books here, but there are also plenty of options available on YouTube. You can probably even find a podcast or two that will do the trick.


Associate with Great People


One of the biggest things you can do to improve your life is to surround yourself with great people. Think about all of your relationships, both friends and family, and figure out who has truly been there for you. Was there a time that things in your life were a little rough? The people that stuck around during those times are the keepers.

Cut all of the toxic people out of your life. You don’t need them, and all they will do is bring you down. It can be hard to do because sometimes those toxic people are your own flesh and blood, but your life will be so much better when you get rid of them. It is okay to have a tight inner circle. This also goes for social media as well. You don’t need that negativity clogging up your newsfeed.



Keep a Journal


You are probably scoffing right now thinking that you aren’t some preteen girl that needs to gush about her first crush. It isn’t that kind of journal.

The point of this journal is to track your process. By putting down your goals and the strides you are making to reach them, you will better be able to see how far you have come. It will help keep you focused on achieving your goals.


The Future You is Waiting


Now that you know a few ways to create the best you, it is time to get out there and start making it happen.

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