Adrian Gee

content creator, dating guru and entrepreneur.

Adrian Gruszka (mostly know as Adrian Gee) is an Australian entertainer, dating guru and entrepreneur. Over the years he successfully built a YouTube channel filming videos based around picking up girls and awkward social interactions, though he isn’t actually awkward in person.

He was quite a shy guy in high school and wasn’t the greatest with women so he decided to get this part of his life handled. He studied all the great pickup artists such as Mystery, Neil Strauss, JT Tran and plenty others followed by going out infield daily practicing his new hobby.

After about 4 years, he mastered the art of pickup and decided to create his own businesses. He created 2 successful companies. ‘Teeth Whitening Solutions’ and ‘T8 Coaching’ where he coaches men how to pickup and date women successfully.

Don't be yourself, be the best self you can possibly be.

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